Thursday, 30 December 2010

Boxing Day 2010

My name is Muhammad Danish Aniq
I was born on 7th December 2010
Actually, my brith date supposed to be on 26th December 2010
My Atuk (Melaka) said, I have to wait until 27th December, so we can celebrate our birthday together.

However, I decided to come out earlier because:
1. My mummy do not have to walk on ice to work while I was still inside her tummy - it was too dangerous for us
2. My mummy can take maternity leave earlier and have a rest at home
3. I can watch my daddy taking his exams
4. My daddy could be independant by taking care my mummy without any assistant from my grandparents.
5. The most important thing, I can follow my Atuk & Wan shopping at Oxford Street on the Boxing Day

On the Boxing Day, I am the youngest person on the Oxford Street..
Mummy and Daddy did not shop anything for me..
That day was my first day facing with too many people..

At Croydon train station before heading to Oxford Street

With Atuk & Daddy in the tube

We are at the Oxford Street

Danish & Mummy waiting at the Starbuck

The next day, Wan, Atuk & daddy went to Westfield for shopping again but I stayed at home with mummy.. So, I proved to them that I'm strong enough for shopping.. So, they brought me out at Croydon town centre for shopping.. but there was still nothing for me.. I am waiting for mama to come to London..I want to go shopping with mama at Portsmouth.. I want to play with abang farihin