Let's start it again!!

Helloo...welcome back MASTURA MOKHTAR!
Now, I'm here with a new status..No longer Miss MOKHTAR!
Now I am Mrs Ashraf (but I am still introducing myself as Miss Mokhtar - sorry Mr Ashraf, dah terbiasa la)

Initially, this blog is not for publish.. it just for my online diary, nobody can view it - mase zaman sorang2 dulu terlebih emo especially bile xde sape2 around kite.
Now, its a time to share - happiness of life, work experiance, travelling, networking and ape2 je la.

Actually, nothing much to say for this entry..

Plan for the day:-
- Basuh & sidai baju
- Solat Dhuna & Al Waqiah
- Iron baju utk seminggu
- Change duvet cover & curtain
- Reserach for property market
- Edit photos for my quarterly report
- Revising about Profit for Unrelaised Profit (PURP)
- Lunch at Dosai Chutney with my hubby - nan & curry
- Waiting for my online groceries & organise them
- Update personal account & cashflow
- Helping my hubby planning for his Eorupe trip
- One movie for the day
- Reading financial time & utusan - update pasal UK election

Have a lovely weekend everyone.. Hopefully everyday will be a good day and tomorrow will be better than yesterday.