Thursday, 19 June 2014

Darwisy Ariiq First Time Bottle Feeding

Mummy is going to work soon. So, even I hate to do it, but I have no choice and have to do it. Let's watch out reaction when the first time I did it. I am a good boy.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Kapten Taufik & Cikgu Atiqah

I have drafted below story since December 2012 but I forgot to click the publish button.

Kapten Marek datang London lagi. Kaya sungguhkan orang Malaysia ni. Asyik jalan-jalan dan shopping je. Dulu datang solo, tapi kali ini, dia datang berteman, bersama isteri tercinta, Cikgu Atiqah.

London - Tiqah & Marek jalan berdua je kat London. Kitaorang taknak lah kacau daun orang nak honeymoon. But we went out on Friday night to Harrods for shopping and had dinner at Noodle Oodle. The next day, we went to Bicester Village for shopping again.

Nice - On Monday morning around 5am, we drove to Gatwick Ariport and took flight to Nice. Best and relax when strolling along the beach. Nice scenery in Nice.

Monaco - The next day, we took a bus to Monaco. The fare is only 1Euro for 1 hour journey. Amazing.. Most ladies wear designers handbags & heels while the men drive Ferrari, Austin Martin etc.

On the final day, they went to Paris while Mast & Acap went to Cannes.

Cannes menarik jugak lah. Kesimpulan yang Mast boleh buat, semua tempat ni dekat dengan laut atau kawasan pantai tapi Monaco kawasan dia berbukit, Nice bukit-bukit dan tanah rata dan Cannes lagi banyak tanah rata.

Monaco kawasan orang kaya, nak cari makanan halal pun susah.

Nice macam kawasan 'medium class people', banyak kebab-kebab yang halal. Jadi, asyik makan kebab je lahh.. rasa macam nak termuntah.

Cannes best dan relax. Kat sini kitaorang tak  makan kebab tapi Mast & Acap cuba makan seafood. Harga dia memang jauh berbeza dengan Nice & Monaco. For full course meal for two person, we paid around 54Euro.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Takziah to Rapek & Family

I has been a while I have not visited this blog.

When I open it today, my final entry was about Rapek's & Shifa wedding. During this time, everybody shared the joys and happiness.

Tetapi siapa sangka, keluarga ini telah dikejutkan dengan permergian ayahanda tercinta. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui dan Perancang yang terhebat. Sesuatu yang terjadi pasti ada hikmahnya.

Salam takziah buat Rapek sekeluarga dan al-fatihah buat arwah ayahnya, Ramly. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman.

Semoga kita yang masih hidup diberikan kekuatan dan keberkatan dalam kehidupan ini.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cheers! To Rapek & Shifa

Special dedication to my forever friend, ex-housemate, ex-officemate / future officemate etc...

Rapek & Shifa.. Cheers! on your wedding!!!!

Sorry we couldn't be there on your wedding day, but we really feel so happy for you two, heres we wishing you all the best of health, happiness and prosperity for your married life. Let's the arguing begin but don't fight :)

Anyway, thank you for the lovely card.

Hope you two hold each other close in best or bad times and have trust and faith all the way. May Allah pour out blessings on you two & guides you in your new adventure.
Danish Aniq wants friends. So, baby please!!!! Cepat tau!!! hehehe

Wow! you two look so much beautiful together in this photo. Please upload more photos!!!
p/s, sorry "curi" your photo :) takpe kan? takde copyright :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pengubat Rindu

It has been two weeks he left us..
Mummy & daddy miss everything about you..
Luckily you are not here when we are facing a difficult time..
Too much 'pancaroba kehidupan' we have to face..
Anyway, life must go on, we have to be strong..
Hopefully you will enjoy your new life..
Although we miss you so much, mummy pray to Allah that you won't miss us..
You are too small to have this feeling.. it is very very sick..
Ya Allah, please give me strength and show me the best way..
Counting days to see you..
When will we you see again?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Moment of Transition

Struggle with studies after two failures..
Temporary off as a mother..
Busy at work without assistant..
Boss away for annual leave..
Husband being workaholic
House without joys..

Monday, 2 May 2011

Sedapnyer Apple

Hari-hari Anish tengok mummy makan apple. Tapi daddy tak suka makan apple. If mummy paksa daddy makan apple, mesti daddy buat muka pelik macam muka mummy terpaksa makan ubat.

Macam manalah agaknya rasa apple ni kan??? Anish nak cuba juga...

Errrmmm..sekali cuba memang sedap..bersungguh-sunguh Anish makan. Habis jugalah satu biji epal.. Kalo tak caya, jom tengok macam mana Anish makan apple...


Sedap kan??? Nak sikit tak??